How long does it take to see results after using chest wrinkle pads?

The time it takes for a chest pad to get results depends on its quality. Muzooy chest pads usually take effect after one night. However, some brands require more time, around 2 weeks or more. It needs to be used strictly according to the instructions.

If you wait too long to see smooth skin, you may suspect your chest pads. Each product responds differently to different physical conditions. Therefore, you may achieve the desired skin earlier than others, but not everyone does.

You should follow the manufacturer's guidelines to get youthful skin fast.

How long can the anti-wrinkle patch be used?

For better quality of use, muzooy chest patch is generally recommended to be used 4 times, because the more the number of times of use, the viscosity will decrease normally, and the quality will also decline. The skin cleaning and storage method during use will also affect the durability of the silicone patch. . Let's take care of them precisely to keep them for a long time.

Can I use silicone patches during pregnancy?

Silicone pads are generally very safe. However, if you are pregnant or chestfeeding, you must always be careful about everything. If the skin becomes red after one use, it is recommended to stop using it, and then consult customer service and doctor. For these issues, we will issue a full refund.

Is there any difference between silicone chest pads and other anti-wrinkle methods?

If you use other anti-wrinkle methods, you may spend a lot of money, and they are also messy and complicated. Some anti-aging products can cause allergic reactions such as rashes, itching, etc. and take a long time to rejuvenate your skin. At the same time, silicone chest wrinkle patches can save costs, these patches are safe, quick-acting, and skin-friendly. They will work day and night depending on your habits and needs. Not only that, but most chest pads can be worn comfortably for hours. After one night or 1-2 weeks, you can get amazing results. Oh, and on the other hand, some beauty products can contain as many as 15 or more ingredients. This means irritation problems can occur, especially if you have sensitive skin. Silicone pads are greener and healthier because they are free of fillers, toxic additives and chemical adhesives, unless you are allergic to silicone or stickiness. Let's remember not to use silicone pads on irritated skin or open wounds. If the silicone patch reacts with your skin, stop using it and contact your doctor immediately.

Can I combine Décolleté pads with other anti-aging treatments?

When using silicone pads, do not combine them with any beauty products. You must apply it on dry and clean skin. However, skin care is also very important, and other skin care products are recommended to be used at other times.

Do the chest stickers stay in one position while sleeping?

The muzooy chest pads have very good stickiness to keep them in one place. However, you have to make sure it doesn't affect anything to reduce sticking (essential oils, serums, moisturizers, body lotions, etc.) and it's better if you like to sleep on your back so that the pads will fit better on your chest skin, Locks in moisture for smoother skin.

Is it comfortable for me to sleep with a silicone pad?

Our answer is yes. The appearance of our muzooy chest pads has been improved by thousands of our experiencers to make the chest feel more comfortable. Using a silicone chest patch will feel refreshed, but if you sweat a lot at night, the stickiness will decrease, making it a little inconvenient to use.

Can I clean my silicone chest wrinkle pads?

You should wash them with clean water and then carefully air dry them. Do not wipe with anything. Then pack it in a box for storage. So your pads are always clean and ready to beautify your skin.

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